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Wednesday, 15 May 2019 12:56

Faculty of Arts has been accredited by NAQAAE

The Council of the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Education (NAQAAE) under presidency of Prof.Dr. Yohansen Eid has accredited Faculty of Arts at Benha University to be the 7th accredited faculty at Benha University. On the other hand, Prof.Dr. Gamal El Saeed, the President of Benha University has declared his great happiness of that accreditation by NAQAAE and introduced his congratulations to Dr. Abeer El Rabat, the Faculty dean and all the Faculty members staff

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The faculty of arts announces the result of the second grade in the first semester 2019-2020 wishing all the students success and prosperity.

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The faculty of arts reveals the results of the academic year and the success rate is 80.1 %. Prof.Dr. Abeer EL-Rabat, the faculty’s dean says that the departments announce their top students as follows:

1-    Muhammad Mahdi Ghaly – English Department

2-    Mahmoud Idris Ragab- Arabic Department

3-    Jasmine Muhammad Ibrahim- History Department

4-    Eman Tarek Imam- Journalism and Media Department

5-     Nora Ahmed Muhammady- libraries Department

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     The Faculty of Arts, Benha University has announced the results of the first term 2015/2016 for the program of Open Learning wishing all success for all students. You can see the results throughout the following link: http://mis.bu.edu.eg/results/adab_result.aspx.

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