Raed Saber

Raed Saber

      In the frame of Benha University openness to the world and under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Ali Shams El Din, the University President; the delegation participated in 11th Higher Education Development Conference and Exhibition in China under the presidency of Prof. Dr. Soliman Mustafa, the University Vice-president for Education and Students' Affairs has signed an agreement between the University and Huazhong University. 







     During the 26th meeting of the University strategic planning teamwork; Prof. Dr. Abdel Rahim Shulh, the advisor to the University President for Improvement and Qualifying for Accreditation said that the strategic plan has goals and objectives we seek to achieve them like preparing distinguished professional cadres in addition to improving the system of postgraduate studies and the quality of scientific research ethics. 







      The Faculty and Leadership Development Center “FLDC” at Benha University had organized 21 training courses during the last April to raise the abilities of the University researchers and administrators under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Ali Shams El Din, the University President and Prof. Dr. Hesham Abu El Enin, the University Vice-president for Postgraduate Studies and Researches' Affairs. 







     The Indian government announces for organizing training programs in several development fields that will be held during 2015/2016 in the frame of the Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation Programme “ITEC”.
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     Prof. Dr. Soliman Mustafa, the Vice-president of Benha University for Education and Students' Affairs has inspected the committees of second term exams at the faculties of commerce, agriculture, and engineering - Shubra. During the visiting, he said that the complete calm is prevailing exams in all faculties and no riots or violation of university values and traditions have been happened. 







Benha University announces for the public tender no. 43 of 2014/2015 to establish incinerator for the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Moshtohor. The tender opening session will be open at 12:00pm at the University administration. 







      In the frame of the University seeking to provide distinguished technological services for faculty members, students, and employees; a meeting has been held on Monday, 18/05/2015 with a teamwork from Microsoft to discuss the various ways to raise the technological services efficiency and the programs presented by Microsoft like Edu-mail. The has been held in the presence of: 
- Prof. Dr. Ghazy Assassa, the Advisor to the University President for Information Technology and the Chief Information Officer 'CIO'; 
- Prof. Dr. Hala Helmy Zayed, the Dean of the Faculty of Computers and Information;
- Managers of the University Information and Communications Technology Projects and some Managers of the Faculties IT Units. 




Wednesday, 06 May 2015 04:00

New Vacancies at Al Araby Group




    Al Araby group announces about its needing to hire alumni from faculty of Engineering at the following departments; Electricity Engineering and Mechanical engineering.




     Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC) is pleased to announce the 4th round of graduation projects competition “IBTIECAR 2015” in cooperation with Multinationals and MCIT affiliated organizations, for technical universities' students in the graduation year, recognizing the best graduation projects in this year. TIEC aims to drive innovation and entrepreneurship in Information and Communications Technology sector (ICT) for the benefit of national economy. Faculty members who would like to participate in judging process, they can apply on the competition website. 
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Monday, 11 May 2015 04:00

Training Course on Laboratory Safety

      Referring to the University President recommendations to raise the efficiency of employees, the University Council approved in its session no. 104, 25/11/2013 to hold training course on laboratory safety in the duration from 21/04/2015 to 23/04/2015, 09:30am at the faculty and leadership development center in the University administration. 




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