Agenda of Training

The agenda of training includes courses, its dates, periods, and goals

  • The Faculty provides knowledge, skills and high behaviors of the profession for engineers and technicians throughout educational and training programs (Modular).
  • The Faculty organizes refresher educational programs for engineers in their various fields.
  • The Faculty organizes also the courses of Laser –ICDL – PLC.
  • The Faculty issues scientific engineering journal that interested in the new in the world of engineering constantly.
  • The Faculty provides training courses in engineering basic skills and in computer for the alumni according to the needs of labor market.
  • The Faculty supports the local and Arab training centers.

The Following table shows the Faculty Agenda of Training:



Agenda of Training



Providing the appropriate place for the training unit

Developing the institutional capacity in order to achieve continuous improvement in institutional performance


Holding 6 workshops to determine the current skill gaps and the skills required for all relevant groups


Making training plans for all relevant and different groups at the Faculty


Putting a questionnaire to follow the impact of training on performance


Doing a database for training courses attended by employees of the institution

Developing the administrative system of the Faculty


Putting a questionnaire to determine the training needs of workers periodically and make the plans of training


Putting a questionnaire to the beneficiaries and trainees to evaluate the effectiveness of training


Holding 24 training courses annually to raise the professionalism.


Holding 40 workshops to train the faculty members on active learning and evaluation methods

Creating a method to qualify the faculty members and their assistants academically for the educational process through training


Holding 6 workshops to train the faculty members and students on the academic advising system


Determining the training courses and skills which the faculty members and their assistants acquired from the program of FLDC


Making a plan to develop the abilities of faculty members and their assistants to achieve vision and the strategic objectives of the Faculty


Holding 2 seminars annually to introduce the advantages of the survey department for students of the preparatory year

Making a plan to promote excellence in the survey department


Holding 6 training courses for the excellence students in IT inside the survey department to promote them as programs for the survey applications