Quality Assurance Unit , Faculty of Engineering
Strategic Goals
Establish an internal system of quality and performance evaluation through : -

1. Establish a clear system for the college to raise the quality level of each of the educational system provided by the faculty and well as access Boukrig the college to an outstanding level commensurate with local and national standards .

2. . Promote a culture of quality assurance and accreditation between faculty members and their assistants and all employees of the faculty and students.

3. . Establish reciprocal relations with bodies and organizations, quality assurance and accreditation at the regional level through providing the necessary expertise and provide technical support for these committees in order to obtain accreditation.

4. . Gaining the trust of the community in the output of the educational process altogether by strengthening the relationship between the college and the community to develop and improve the services offered by the college.

5. The work of a database of the college include Gentlemen ( faculty members - aides faculty members - the staff of the college and employees - college students - college programs - Degrees awarded by the college - characterization programs and courses - identifying beneficiaries of college graduates and requirements ) to be a basis for decision support faculty .

6. Develop a system for measuring and evaluating the performance of the faculty ( academic standards reference - tutorial - quality jobs - community participation - research and other scientific activities - the effectiveness of the Quality Management and Improvement ).

7. Submission of proposals and recommendations concerning the application of different quality faculty system and the implementation of those studies in order to reach to achieve the objectives of the unit , and college preparation for the comprehensive evaluation phase of performance for accreditation in the coming years .

8. Support continuous improvement processes through existing guidance on the various development activities in each area to keep up with the levels of quality consistently.