About the Department of Mechanical Engineering

The study began in this section since the beginning of the establishment of the college in 1961 , the General program until 1981 where he was the establishment of two divisions: the design and production of mechanical and strong program .


And is characterized by the presence of mechanical engineering department full workshops to train students on the means of production , as well as plants in the following disciplines: Fluid Mechanics - heat transfer - test materials and refrigeration and air conditioning and internal combustion engines - resistant materials - metals and heat treatment - measurements.


First: the mechanicala design and production:

The program aims to graduate engineers have complete information about the basic science and sports resistant materials and mechanics of structures and their applications in methods of design, production, planning and management of projects and specializes student after the second year in one of the branches of Engineering Mechanical Design and Production , a Aided Design computer and production materials and industrial engineering.


Second: Mechanical Power program :

The program aims to graduate engineers have complete information about the theories of basic science and engineering , advanced technology and more specifically the concepts and fundamentals and practical experience in the areas of systems, mechanical forces - power plants , refrigeration, air conditioning machines, hydraulic machines, internal combustion , Automatic Control , Energy Conversion , renewable energy , water treatment , the program also aims to acquire a lab engineer skills through the use of laboratories and workshops , as well as a graduation project reflects most of the skills and knowledge office . So as to make the graduate is capable of excellence in the fields of engineering for energy transfers .