Department of civil-engineering Faculty of Engineering, Shubra - Benha University is committed to provide programs for undergraduate and postgraduate studies in the fields of multi-focus on the experience and modern engineering skills for the preparation of distinctive and specialized experts able to meet the challenges of the future and meet the present needs of the community in order to achieve overall development target in accordance with National Standards and Global Communication effectively with all research centers; institutions; professional firms by providing an outstanding environment for teaching; learning; healthy environment and for scientific research, conducted to service the community and development environment.


To prepare engineer, who is able to work, to be creative. To build qualified engineer who is ready to meet the community needs and the job market requirements. This is carried out and provided through the provision of engineering environment of a professional nature which is advanced in line with national and international standards. Department of civil-engineering seeks to gain the confidence of the community in providing graduate able to compete in the labor market by providing consulting services and specialized technical. As well as the department is conducting research opportunities and research applications for graduate students through using of innovative approaches that is linked to the needs of the society.